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Bio of artist Lyuba Ananina | ART ANANINA | Czech Republic


Ljuba Ananina

"Modern man is overwhelmed with information and exhausted, has lost connection with nature & the cosmic intelligence that connects us all. In my oil paintings, I would like to show the beauty all around us, convey my inner peace that I have during creating a painting".

Ljuba Ananina was born in the northern city Arkhangelsk. Because she painted since childhood, so she graduated from Art School and then she graduated from the Art and Pedagogical Lyceum in Arkhangelsk. As an adult, she completed an oil painting course in Brno. She also participated in the master classes of the Ukrainian painter Elena Ilychova and an American painter Trisha Adams.

Along with her art education, she has a master's degree in economics and works in the field of finance and accounting. But like many people she realizes the needness to be a part of nature, to stop and perceive being around us.


„People are overwhelmed with information, tasks and results at work. Our current life is so fast that we rarely realize the value of ordinary beautiful moments or objects around us. For me it was the reason why I returned to painting. In my paintings I would like to show the beauty of ordinary things around us, the beauty of the present moment.“

Colors of life to the canvas

Ljuba currently lives and works in Brno, Czechia. In most of her paintings she uses oil paints on streched canvas and paints in a realistic figurative style. How artist talks about herself she likes trying different techniques from alla prima to layering and using glazes. Owing to the fact that oil paints dry very slowly it allows the painter to continuously refine the work.

„I try to transfer the colors of life to the canvas, at incredible speed of the passing days to capture a beautiful moment in a picture whether it is a view of a landscape, stil-life with flowers or a woman. I admire the beauty and grandiosity of nature all around us and I draw inspiration from it. For me, painting is a meditation in which suffering and tiresome thoughts are lost.“


Ljuba held her solo exhibitions in Czechia, and participated in the international competition in Luxemburg. Her works are in private collections in Czechia.


1993 - 1997

Art school - Basic art education

1996 - 2000

Art & Pedagogical Lyceum


Oil painting course provided by MgA. Petr Kunčík

2021 - 2022

Master classes of oil painting provided by Ukrainian artist Elena Ilychova


Dynamic Painting Revealedc ourse provided by American artist Trisha Adams



„Debut“ solo exhibition in Brno Czechia


„Beauty of nature“ solo exhibition in Brno Czechia


„Moments“ solo exhibition in Brno Czechia


Open Art Fest - exhibition in Prague Czechia



Luxemburg Art Prize


GOLDEN TIME TALENT, London | 1st place in nomination: Painting from 31 to 50 y.o.

Bio of artist Lyuba Ananina | ART ANANINA | Czech Republic
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